Sunday, April 11, 2010

Monday Morning Activity

One ought to be glad if one finds oneself with no work at hand on a Monday morning. That, is exactly the condition I am in right now. But this once, just this once, I find myself so bored out of my wits that I'm really wishing some work comes my way soon. In the interim, I have decided to crack my knuckles and subtract one from the population of my long-overdue drafts.

You know sometimes when you're sleeping and you can't shake of the "what if something is lurking in the other room" feeling, every little creak makes you get up and wonder what that was; that's when you know you've seen a good horror flick. That happens very rarely with me, almost never. I saw Paranormal Activity the other night, lights switched off and all (have you seen the words "spoiler alert" flashing yet?). I'd already threatened my sister with a royal beating if she woke me up to switch on the lights when she wanted to go and have a drink of water in the middle of the night. The aforementioned condition agreed upon, we started up on the 90 minute thriller. You know what? Not half bad a movie, this. I was a little disappointed when I noticed at the very beginning that this one was shot in first person like the Blair Witch Project, but the scenes shot in night-vision while the couple was sleeping, though not as creepy as Paris Hilton's movie, were quite something. A great horror movie is probably one that relies heavily on suggestion rather than gore. The beauty of a movie like that is that it recognizes your brain's amazing ability to play games with you. So throughout the movie, you don't really see a ghost. A good horror movie has a really well-written ending. I would have gladly rated this one as one of the best horror movies that I have seen, if I had seen one of the better versions. Apparently the movie has three different endings. The theatrical version is different from the original and the version that I saw. The ending in my case was rather anti-climactic, and took away much of the intensity of the pre-climax. But the movie is quite a great watch. That's reflected by the fact that it grossed over 192 million, after having been made on a budget of just 15,000 dollars. I definitely recommend this one for any horror movie fan. Go watch it.

Just as I write that, work has arrived. Happy Monday.


Ghazal said...

ooh, did you hear they're making Ring 3D!!!

I can't wait!

Wanderer said...

You want to go watch??

Soch lo! :P