Friday, December 31, 2010

It'll Soon Shake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls...

It sure will. In just over four hours if you're reading this in the same time zone that I'm writing it in. This blog has now outlasted the use of the title "Curtains" for my new year's eve post. And even though the blog is on it's last legs (and for good reason), I've still managed to pop in for a few minutes to bid farewell to what has been one of the most eventful years of my life. I think this year deserves its twenty one gun salute for the change it has brought about in my life and the lives of many people around me.

It was a year full of struggles, and victories for all of us. Victories were always preceded by setbacks and doubts, but they came nonetheless. One of those victories has nearly managed to kill my blog, but save my blog I must, and save my blog I will; next year. It's a little hard for me to match last year, when it comes down to writing my targets for the next year on a little sheet of paper (something that I have been doing for 6 years). But the more I think about the coming year, the more I run into questions that need to be answered, hence populating my tiny sheet of paper.

As for what's going to happen to me in the next few hours- as one of my friends put it a couple of days back, the non-resident Indian is in demand this year round. To put it more accurately, the non-resident Indian is scrambling to spend as much time as he can with all the people who are dearest to him; at least the ones that are around, because his friend circle has seen a large scale westward migration this year.

So, I bid you a fond farewell, 2010 (fonder than you'll ever know). May you have made changes to my life that I will cherish for many new year's eve posts to come. A very happy new year to all of my readers as well. For those of you who think this is all consumerist humbug, I grudge you not; but I also hope you find time to celebrate the act of wiping your slate clean and starting over, be it today or some other glorious day. For all of my friends who're still being tortured by the Kappal Antry gang, my heart goes out to you. Someday we'll form an army and overthrow the evil empire.