Thursday, April 1, 2010


...majority of Delhi's autorickshaws stayed off the road, because no one gave into their demand to raise meter rates, so that their "arre sir, meter se kaun jaata hai" excuse could fetch them more. On the plus side, the roads at 9am and 5pm were the emptiest that I have seen for a really long time. One smooth ride.

...I noticed an amusingly large number of cows and bulls squatting in the middle of the road blocking traffic. For all my dear non-Indian readers, I'd like you to know that it amuses us only when the number of the said cows crosses a certain threshold. Also noticeable, was the fact that they mostly appeared in pairs, or in even numbers (barring the one bull that was sauntering against traffic on the wrong side of the road) and refused to budge. So we did what we do best- let them be, and jugaado-ed our way around them. One suspects that many calves may see the light of day very soon.

...I decided to give up the inertia that has for long, prevented me from writing anything. April Fool's Day.


Ashmit said...

Haha..Like Non-Indians read your Blog..:P

Wanderer said...

Ashmit, I wouldn't be stupid enough to put that caveat up if I didn't know it for a fact that I have non-Indians amongst my regular readers, would I now?